Honors Day 2018

Yet another successful Honors Day has come and gone and, just like past years, we had much to celebrate, from noteworthy milestones from several of our undergraduate students to our Department’s first Master’s thesis defense. As always, we (well, Betty) captured the highlights of the day.

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Honors Day 2017

Yes, it’s that time of year again: the Spring semester is starting to wind down and that means it was once again time for balcony banners and Honors Day — the occasion when we recognize some milestones and noteworthy accomplishments from the past year.

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Another Successful Honors Day


Last Friday, April 8th, was Honors Day here at the University. It’s a day when classes are dismissed so that departments can recognize and celebrate their students. In typical fashion, REL hosted an Honors Day banquet, back here on the balconies of Manly for the first time in a couple years. Profs, parents, and students gathered together to celebrate the student’s achievements while chowing down on some delicious catfish of course. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Come to REL Honors Day on Friday

This Friday is Honors Day across the University. We’ll be having our own Honors Day event on the balcony at Manly Hall at around noon. Here’s why you should come:

1. You are a REL major.


2. Our friendly faculty will be there.


3. There will be free food.


4. You enjoy good conversation about big ideas.


5. Some of our majors will be receiving awards for their great work.


So don’t miss it! This Friday at noon on our lovely balcony at Manly Hall! 

Honors Day 2015


Last Friday, 3 April 2015, the Department hosted our annual Honors Day ceremony, now in its fourteenth year. The event  was again held in Alumni Hall, so a big thanks to the Alumni Association for letting us use their space.

As usual, our event immediately followed the Arts & Sciences Honors Day Convocation in Moody Music Hall, but with time for families and faculty to mix and mingle before the awards presentations.

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Honors Day is Coming Soon

Picture 2Yes, it’s time to put the banners up! And that can only mean one thing: Honors Day is right around the corner.

So we hope you’ll join us — all REL majors, minors and Judaic Studies minors are invited to the Department’s Honors Day reception, along with their guests. As always, it takes place immediately after the A&S Convocation, on Friday, April 3. The College’s annual event goes from 10 am until about 11:30 so we’ll see you for the REL reception as soon as the A&S event finishes (we’ll likely start our event around noon).

And, like last year, it’ll be held in the main lobby of Alumni Hall (#6302 on the map) near Hotel Capstone, right next door to the Bryant Conference Center, and just across from Moody Music Hall (where the A&S event takes place).

Picture 3There’ll be some awards, some surprises, and, of course, some great food. Does it go without saying there will also be some stellar conversation?

So we’ll see you next Friday; put on your fancy dress clothes and smile when Betty snaps your picture!

smileSee some pictures from last year’s event.

Honors Day 2014


This past Friday, 4 April 2014, the Department of Religious Studies hosted its thirteenth Honors Day ceremony. Due to the weather, we had to move the ceremony from its usual venue on the 2nd floor balcony of Manly Hall to Alumni Hall–special thanks to them!


Our event began after the Arts & Sciences Honors Day Convocation in Moody Music Hall where Prof. Russell McCutcheon (Chair of REL) recognized Outstanding Student Jared Powell and Silverstein Scholar Maggie Paul (pictured above, left to right) on behalf of our 16 award winners this year. Continue reading