Yes, We’ve Got Some Great Students

Student award plaques hanging in the department lounge

Although our annual Honors Day ceremony on the balcony is a couple months away (Friday, April 3 this year), it’s time for the faculty to make some decisions about which students to recognize and award for their hard work and successes.

Although we have more deserving students than we’re able to honor each year, the following students have been selected by the faculty members for some special attention at Honors Day this year.

Silverstein Scholars
Brady Duke
John Eddins
Scarlett Ford
Jackson Foster
Ashley Haraway
Jeremy Lindlan
Riley Mills
Jalen Oliver
Rebekah Pearson
Elizabeth Tagg
Jade Teel
Leah Varnell

Outstanding Student in the Academic Study of Religion
Jade Teel

Ulysses V. Goodwyn Endowed Excellence in the Study of Religion
Caity Bell

The Silverstein award is presented annually to our highest achieving undergraduate students (determined by their UA GPA), with at least one student each year singled-out for special recognition by receiving the Outstanding Student award (marking their all-around contributions to the Department). Finally, the Goodwyn is given annually to a graduating MA student who best exemplifies the goals of our graduate program.

All of the above-mentioned students were notified in writing over a week ago (with some of those letter going to home addresses), so we think that it’s about time that everyone know the names of those being honors this year — and congratulations to everyone!Manly Hall balcony with honors day banners

About a week or so before Honors Day we’ll see the annual banners go up on the balcony and we hope you can join us on April 3 to celebrate all of these achievements and more.