The Outstanding Student in the Academic Study of Religion award is given when the faculty members agree that one or more of its students have demonstrated themselves to be particularly deserving of recognition for not just their grades but their overall accomplishments and contributions to the Department and campus as well.

Established in 1993, this honor has been given to the following students:

1993: Jonathan Berry
1993: B. Clayton Gentry
1994: Jason Keith Wilson
1995: Kimberly Ann Kelly
1996: Gregory M. Carden
1997: Kevin Duane Humphries
1998: Christopher Michael Freeman
1998: Matthew Alexander Le Grone
1998: Alicia Marie Gregory
1999: Laurie Ann Schwartz
2000: Amanda Dawn Mulkey
2001: Erin K. Schovel
2002: Nicholas M. Reagan
2002: Kathleen Penton
2004: Kathleen Penton
2005: Marianne Stanton
2006: Matthew Satcher
2007: Stephanie Brennan
2008: Daniel A. Mullins
2009: Jacqueline Gresham
2010: John Lyles
2011: Chris Scott
2013: Andie Alexander
2014: Jared N. Powell
2015: Anna Davis
2015: Khortlan Patterson
2015: Alexis Poston
2016: Sarah Griswold
2017: Sierra Lawson
2017: Madeleine Lewis
2018: Caitlyn Bell
2018: J. Parker Evans
2018: Anastasiya Titareno