a group of students holding up a trophy

Calling All REL Graduates!

If you are a graduate of our Department, whether a major or a minor — that includes you too, MA graduates!– and wish to update us on what you are doing, provide us with a current mailing address, or simply tell us about your time in the Department, which has changed a great deal over the years, then please complete our alumni update form or send us an email at religiousstudies@ua.edu. We’re looking forward to hearing about you!

Alum Liaison Committee

Yes, we now have a committee of local grads who are helping us to plan and run some events on campus, all designed to benefit our current students and stay in closer touch with our grads. Learn more here.

Worth 1,000s of Words

We’re happy to report good news from the alumni listed on this page, but there’s more — much more! — on our Facebook page. Check out these photo albums:

A Few REL Alumni

Clay Arnold

Charles Ballew

Adam Beach

Kristin Bradbury

Stephanie Brennan

Stephanie Cusimano

Nell Perry Earnest Dalton

Tonya Daniel

Kimberly Davis

Michael Manasco

Josh McDonough

Justin Nelson

Craig Nutt

John W. Parrish

Nic Reagan

Matthew Satcher

Christine Scott

Shane Sharp

Michele Trawick

Peter von Herrmann

Melanie Williams

Jason Wright