Alumni Updates

Recent MA graduates posing in front of Presidents Hall

Stay in Touch

If you are a graduate of our department, whether a major or a minor — that includes you too, MA graduates! — and wish to update us on what you are doing, provide us with a current mailing address, or simply tell us about your time in the department, which has changed a great deal over the years, then please complete our alumni update form or send us an email at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Alumni News

We’re happy to report good news in our Alumni Updates feed, but there’s more — much more! — on our Facebook page:

Get Involved

Annually, we mail out a newsletter to current students, grads, and friends of the department, though there are also other times when we try to contact our graduates — such as when we were planning our MA degree, in 2016-17, and queried them for their input to the proposal.

So, we’re eager to stay in touch with you after you leave Tuscaloosa, whether to hear of your accomplishments or ask you to write a post on our grad blog and maybe even invite you to come back to town to talk to our current students about what might await them once they graduate.

Alumni Liaison Committee

We now have a committee of local grads who are helping us to plan and run some events on campus, all designed to benefit our current students and stay in closer touch with our grads. Learn about our Alum Liaison Committee and the Alum Liaison Committee Award.

Alumni Recognition Award

The Betty W. Dickey Alumni Award recognizes the continuing contributions of REL graduates to the department and its current students, as well as the interesting things our alumni do after graduation.