Degree Plan/Enrollment

Degree Plan

By the end of the first month of the initial semester, students and their advisor (graduate director or other designated faculty member) must complete a plan of study, outlining the plan for completing the degree in a timely fashion.

The completed form is submitted to the graduate director. Although it can be revised and resubmitted, it ensures that students, the graduate director, and any other supervisor are aware of all requirements and are thinking ahead to how each semester’s courses build toward the eventual thesis.

Download the Degree Plan Form (PDF)


Because REL closes all seats in its MA courses during the registration period to reserve them for our own students, each semester a request to issue a permit (to then enroll online) is required and to be completed with your advisor and submitted by your advisor to the main office. (Permits to register online will then be emailed to the student.)

If you are enrolling in classes outside REL (e.g., language classes), then they may be listed here too but registering in them can be done online without a permit from REL (assuming that their seats are open).

In some cases, enrolling in graduate-level courses outside REL will require the permission of the instructor who is located in another department, which the student may arrange but which sometimes is best reserved for an advisor to request.

Download the REL Enrollment Request Form (PDF)

Incoming Students Registering for Classes

Typically new students begin in a fall semester, which means that they’re registering for fall classes prior to arriving on campus; consult with the graduate director about upcoming classes to ensure that you understand the online registration process and the role played by our main office in assisting you — something incoming students will do in the Spring or Summer prior to their arrival on campus for their first fall classes.

When in doubt, consult the graduate director Dr. Vaia Touna or contact our main office; and always double-check that you are enrolled in all classes properly.