Student Organizations

Religious Studies Student Association (RSSA)

The Religious Studies Student Association (RSSA) is open to all majors and minors in the department, as well as any University of Alabama student who is interested in planning and participating in events outside the REL classroom. RSSA promotes students’ interests in the history, development, and application of religious studies, providing them with an opportunity to achieve and develop their intellectual interests.

What’s Going On in the RSSA?

Under the direction of Dr. Richard Newton, the RSSA faculty advisor, the officers are gearing up for the new year with several exciting events in the works!

We’re always happy to have new folks join our company, so be sure to stay tuned in on Facebook and Twitter for information on RSSA events (e.g., times, locations, updates, etc.), and don’t forget to R.S.V.P. (You get brownie points if you do).

Also, feel free to post any ideas or opinions you may have! After all, the RSSA wouldn’t be what it is without all of the majors/minors, so please let us know of any ideas you may have for future events — such as an annual Presidents Cup event at which the faculty aren’t so good. It’s a great time to get involved with the RSSA!

Theta Alpha Kappa

Theta Alpha Kappa is the national honor society for the study of religion. The University of Alabama is home to the Alpha Gamma Zeta (AGZ) chapter (#103). Since 1985, TAK has been a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, and since 1994 it has been a “related scholarly organization” of the American Academy of Religion.

See the TAK Constitution (PDF) for more information.


To be eligible, students must

  • meet a minimum required GPA of 3.0 cumulative and 3.5 in REL
  • have a minimum of 12 credit hours in REL
  • pay a one-time $25 induction fee

How to Join

To join, email Dr. Vaia Touna, faculty advisor, and order your TAK certificate here.