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Who is the smartest?

Does it even make sense to generalize about students who major in a discipline, using statistics such as test scores and GPAs? Probably not, as each student’s success depends on her own abilities and hard work, strategic choices and realistic advice. Plus, programs at each university have their own character, and those who major in that program often have a significant self-selection bias. […]

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Liberal Arts Student Finds Gainful Employment

Yes, that’s our own Chris Scott — crimson cap, bottom right — in an Associated Press photo of UA’s 2011 graduation. He reports that this pic has so far been used online as a stock graduation photo by NPR, The Blaze, and Jezebel. He’s therefore let us know that he is willing to play the role of a university graduate, even a student (say, reading on the grass of a quad, smiling while drinking coffee in a library, studiously listening […]

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So, What Are You Doin’ These Days?

Check out this article, from the University of Virginia, which surveyed grads over the past decade with regard to: 1) what their undergraduate major was and 2) what career they went into. Above is a screen shot (from their interactive site) of what careers grads originating in what they group together as Philosophy & Religious Studies have gone into. A goal for our Department this year is to start tracking grads in much the same way — the graphic looks […]

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“Grad Tales” Kicks Off

Last night we kicked off a new speakers series: “There and Back Again: Grad Tales.” We’re inviting back some former REL majors, who have graduated and gone on to some interesting careers. Coz if you think that the study of religion is all about being religious, then you’ve likely never thought it might be a great preparation for being a high school teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, or maybe even starting your own business. Sure, some of them went on […]

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