Sarah Griswold

Sarah Landry

Degree Program: MA

Graduation Year: 2018

Advisor: Michael J. Altman


Sarah (née Griswold) completed her MA in Spring 2018--making her our first MA graduate--after holding the prestigious Graduate Council Fellowship for 2018-19. Her thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Altman, was entitled “Their Throats Were Constricted: Nationalism, History, and Memorials in Nana Rao Park,” and studied the methods and effects of competing histories and memorials in Kanpur, India. Prior to her MA, Sarah completed a BS with a double major in Mathematics (with a concentration in Statistics) and Religious Studies from The University of Alabama. After graduation she worked full-time as the manager of guest experience at the Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA and now is a Yoga Teacher at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Atlanta and at . Visit her website here.