Keeley McMurray

Keeley McMurray

Degree Program: MA

Graduation Year: 2020

Advisor: Michael J. Altman


From Huntsville, AL, Keeley McMurray graduated from the University of Alabama in 2018 with a BA in religious studies and English and a minor in theater. She is primarily interested in how “religion” and its orbiting discourses can be studied as rhetoric, deployed as a tool used to organize and reproduce a specific social world. Specifically, she is curious as to how this rhetoric functions in American politics and law, as a necessary feature that works to negotiate similarity and difference by creating governable individuals. When she’s not lost in quiet contemplation, Keeley enjoys animals, live music, and a lot of laughing. She hopes to be a lifelong learner, teacher, and friend to all. In 2018-19 Keeley held the prestigious National Alumni Association Graduate Fellowship and, in 2019-20, Keeley was the inaugural holder of the American Examples Graduate Research Assistantship, funding by the Luce Foundation. After successfully defending her thesis and completing her MA degree, Keeley will pursue her PhD at Florida State University.