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Dr. Charles A. Ballew

I was glad to receive the first newsletter from the Department of Religious Studies. Dr. Green’s article was of special interest to me. I took several classes under Dr. Leon Weinberger. After Dr. Patrick Greem arrived I also took some classes that he taught. When Dorsey Blake began teaching I enjoyed taking several “Black Religion” courses that he taught. My experience under the teaching of these men was rich and varied. It was in 1966 that I enrolled in school […]

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Clay Arnold

Words of Wisdom from Clay When I think about my college life, I inevitably think of the Religious Studies department. When I started college, I never imagined I would study religion, but becoming a Religious Studies major has turned out to be one of my most fortunate decisions. The students, faculty, and staff in the department are some of the most dynamic and exciting people I have ever met, and the time I spent with all of them defines for […]

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