Clay Arnold

Words of Wisdom from Clay

When I think about my college life, I inevitably think of the Religious Studies department. When I started college, I never imagined I would study religion, but becoming a Religious Studies major has turned out to be one of my most fortunate decisions. The students, faculty, and staff in the department are some of the most dynamic and exciting people I have ever met, and the time I spent with all of them defines for me my college experience.I graduated from UA in May 1993 with a Religious Studies and English BA, and I am currently pursuing an English MA at the University of Florida, where I also teach composition. Not surprisingly, the REL teachers I had at UA are now the inspiration for my own teaching; their enthusiasm both in and out of the classroom is never-ending and contagious. I would suggest that current students take classes with as many different REL professors as possible. They all offer unique (and fun!) classroom experiences, and all are interested in a wide variety of subjects relating to religion.

I also strongly suggest that current REL students get involved with the RSSA and TAK. These groups are not only great ways to meet people with whom you share academic interests, but they can foster friendships that will last well beyond your time at UA.

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Shown here: University Auditorium, University of Florida

Graduation: Spring 2003
Degree: English/Religious Studies
Current Location: University of Florida