Dr. Charles A. Ballew

I was glad to receive the first newsletter from the Department of Religious Studies. Dr. Green’s article was of special interest to me. I took several classes under Dr. Leon Weinberger. After Dr. Patrick Greem arrived I also took some classes that he taught. When Dorsey Blake began teaching I enjoyed taking several “Black Religion” courses that he taught.

My experience under the teaching of these men was rich and varied. It was in 1966 that I enrolled in school on the Tuscaloosa campus. I had been enrolled in the Birmingham center’s night engineering classes. Feeling the call to enter the pastoral ministry I moved my family to Tuscaloosa and began classes in the Religious Studies department. I also began my pastoral ministry a few months later. It would be 1973 before I would actually receive my B.A. degree in Religious Studies.

Having finished my undergraduate studies I began studies toward a three year master’s degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I completed work on my Master of Divinity degree in 1976. I then began work toward a Doctor of Ministry degree and completed that wrok in 1979. Throughout my educational pilgrimage I continued to serve in the pastoral ministry of local churches.

For the past 17 years I have served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Winfield, Alabama. I have reached traditional retirement age but have no immediate plans to retire from the active pastorate.

Thanks for the newsletter. I will look forward to the next issue.

a church

Shown here: First Baptist Church of Winfield, AL

Graduation: 1973
Degree: Religious Studies
Current Location: Winfield, AL