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It’s been a busy summer here…

Summers around Manly Hall are a lot busier than you may think, (and no, we’re not just referring to the heightened squirrel activity). In fact, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into preparing for each Fall semester. So to give you an idea of what our summers are like, we’ve created a short video to sum it up. Busy Summer… from UA Religious Studies. (Thanks to our crack movie-making team of Andie and Caity) […]

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Another Successful Honors Day

Last Friday, April 8th, was Honors Day here at the University. It’s a day when classes are dismissed so that departments can recognize and celebrate their students. In typical fashion, REL hosted an Honors Day banquet, back here on the balconies of Manly for the first time in a couple years. Profs, parents, and students gathered together to celebrate the student’s achievements while chowing down on some delicious catfish of course. […]

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What Do You Call a Group of Squirrels Anyway?

You might think that Manly Hall gets pretty quiet during the summer now that the majority of our students are on vacation. Well, think again! We’ve got quite the rowdy peanut gallery that hangs around the second floor balcony, and we set out the GoPro to film them in action. So if you’ve ever wanted to see a 20 minute video of squirrels eating peanuts, then have we got a show for you! That’s 20 minutes well spent if you ask […]

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The Dialectics of Identification

Yes, our Department is housed on the second floor of Manly Hall. It’s named after the second president of the University of Alabama, Basil Manly Sr (who held the office between 1837 and 1855). In fact, the president’s office was once in this building, on the ground floor (before the Greek Revival-styled President’s Mansion was built in 1841 and then first occupied by Manly himself), as well as dorms for students. And the other day the building got a new […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Manly Hall

New to Manly Hall this semester? Confused about what all REL has to offer? Well you’re in luck! Our handy dandy Manly Hall tips and pointers video has just hit the big screen. Give it a watch and you’ll be more than ready for the coming semester! You’re welcome. Manly Hall Handbook from UA Religious Studies. Did you see our new Welcome Back video? If not, give it a watch here. […]

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