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American Examples

American Examples, the program for early-career scholars of religion in America funded by the Luce Foundation, is proud to announce a new publication relationship with the University of Alabama Press. UAP will be publishing an anthology of research essays from each of the American Examples cohorts beginning with the first AE cohort that met in spring of 2019. The first anthology, titled American Examples: A New Conversation About Religion, will be published in the summer of 2021. We are very excited to partner with UAP and look forward to four more anthologies over the next four years of the program’s funding.

Here’s a sneak peak of the table of contents for the first volume:

American Examples: A New Conversation About Religion
Edited by Michael J. Altman

Michael J. Altman

An Experiment in Comparative Analogy

Steven Ramey and Vaia Touna

Something Someone Called Religion Somewhere Someone Called America

Michael J. Altman

The Rivers that Divide Us:
Creolization, Caribbeaness, and other Categories in the Study of Caribbean Hinduism

Prea Persaud

Atheist Indoctrination?:
Practicing Atheism in Parenthood

Hannah Scheidt

Spatial Hierarchy and Religious Distinction in an American Architectural Utopia
Travis Warren Cooper

What Makes Humor Muslim?
Samah Choudhury

Pregnancy as Prosperity, Fertility as Faith:
3 Proposals on Women’s Reproductive Bodies in Nigerian Pentecostal Churches

Emily D. Crews

Richard Newton

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Michael J. Altman is Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies. Dr. Altman's areas of interest are American religious history, theory and method in the study of religion, the history of comparative religion, and Asian religions in American culture. Overall, his research sits at the crossroads of American religious history and religious studies, using the theoretical insights of religious studies to dig deeper into what we mean by "religion" in religious history. His current research examines cultural constructions of Hinduism in 19th-century America.

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