A Response to “Responsible Research Practices”: Index

Picture 11As each successive part in this ongoing series is made posted, this index page will be updated with links.

Introduction: Our Highest Ideals
Part 1: General Reflections
Part 2: Academic Freedom
Part 3: Do No Harm
Part 4: Research on Human Subjects
Part 5: Sources and Interpretations
Part 6: Irrevocable Commitments
Part 7: Methodological Pluralism
Part 8: Diverse Approaches
Part 9: Broader Public
Part 10: Peer Review
Part 11: Research Assistants
Part 12: Highest Standards
Afterword: And Isn’t It Ironic? Don’t You Think?

Click the above graphic to visit the American Academy of Religion’s site
to read the draft research responsibilities document.

Or click here to learn about the final version of the document
(passed by the AAR Board in February 2016).