Samantha Harwood

Sonya Harwood-Johnson

Degree Program: MA

Graduation Year: 2022

Advisor: Steven Ramey


Starting the M.A. in  Fall 2020, Sonya Harwood-Johnson is originally from Grimes, Iowa, and received her B.S. in Anthropology and Religious Studies, with a minor in Environmental Studies, from Iowa State University in May of 2020. Her research has focused on American Esoteric traditions, such as Wicca and the Feminist Reclaiming movement. Her paper, titled “Esoteric Negotiation: An Insider-Outsider Perspective” was accepted to the UMAAR conference in April 2020. Sonya's longtime interest in working with international students resulted in REL MA internships at UA's Capstone International office which then led to her being hired, in December 2022, as a full-time staff member at UA, working as an International Program Assistant in its International Student & Scholar Services office.

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