Fall REL Undergraduate Honors Thesis Presentation

Gorgas Library, Camelia Room

REL students Steve Heaton and Scarlett Rose Ford will be presenting some of their departmental honors research. Prof. Steven Ramey and Prof. Richard Newton will be responding to their work. We welcome those who'd like to see and celebrate the work some of our undergraduates are doing.

RSSA Movie on the Balcony–Asian Studies Night

Story Link

RSSA and the Asian Studies minor present a Movie on the Balcony. Prof. Ramey will be showing the 2018 anime film, Okko's Inn. Students are invited to join us for food, film, and a fun time on the PRH balcony.

REL501 Social Theory Research Fair

REL501 students will share their developing hypotheses on the study of religion in culture while guiding you through interactive digital posters in the RELdl Digital Lab. Join us to learn how the study of religion can inform our understanding of culture and society.