REL 100.001

Introduction to Religious Studies

T, R | 9:30-10:45

NL 2009

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This Core Humanities course examines the relationships between religion and human beliefs, practices, & culture; surveys debates in the history of the field, e.g., definition of religion, insider/outsider problem, & theories about the origins and function of religion. An ideal intro to the study of religion as carried out in a public university–meaning that is is an introduction to the study of religion that’s carried out in a non-confessional manner, consistent with how we study human behavior throughout the rest of the university. Neither assuming religion to be true or false, the course examines a variety of efforts to define and study religion, paying particular attention to the implications of how we classify elements of our social world. HU INB

Russell T. McCutcheon


studying religion cover

McCutcheon, Russell
Studying Religion: An Introduction
Routledge, 2007

religion in 5 minutes cover

Hughes, Aaron and Russell McCutcheon
Religion in 5 Minutes
Equinox Publishers, 2017

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