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REL Looks Back

In getting ready for the new semester, we’ve decided to look back at how we’ve welcomed everyone back in past semesters. Our 2012 video (which was our first welcome back video!) followed the intro style of a particular 70s sitcom — can anyone guess which one it was? We made it driving around town with our camera person leaning out the widow. #behindthescenes Welcome Back! from UA Religious Studies. […]

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Welcome Back 2016

The Department of Religious Studies is thrilled to welcome you back to the start of another eventful academic year! We’re ushering in the new semester with a bit of a blast to the past as the Department celebrates fifty years of studying religion in culture. Check out the video to see just how much things have changed around Manly Hall. Welcome Back ’16 from UA Religious Studies. […]

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“REL” is Spelled B-I-N-G-O

Have you noticed the new “Welcome Back” posters on some of the doors around Manly? What about the big Bingo cards on these posters? As many of you know, the Department and our Student Association host a number of events throughout the year, and 2015-2016 is already packed with lectures, dinners, movies, and more. So click here to print off your own REL Bingo card and keep track of all our events throughout the year. Welcome back, and we hope to […]

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“Welcome Back…”

It’s become a bit of a tradition here in REL to have a Welcome Back video at the beginning of each new school year. You’ve probably seen past years’ videos recently making the rounds on our social media sites; but now the wait for this year’s video is finally over. So, as everyone settles in for another year, the REL faculty have just one thing to say: Welcome Back 2015 from UA Religious Studies. P.S. You’ll surely notice some new […]

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Welcome (back) mat

Last night’s “Week of Welcome” kick off event, held in Coleman Coliseum, was far better attended than we had imagined. The Religious Studies Student Association was there, along with Profs. Finnegan, Ramey (also representing Asian Studies), and Touna. Along with a few thousand incoming first year students. So, you know those 1,000 “welcome (back) mat” buttons that we got this summer, some of which we thought we’d bring to the first day of REL classes…? Well, they’re all gone. But […]

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The Countdown is On …

The countdown to REL’s new welcome back video — starring our newest Assistant Professor, in some of his most challenging dramatic work to date —  is now on. The world premiere is set for this Friday at 6:00 a.m. (eastern time). In the meantime, we provide, free of charge, this retrospective…, starting with 2012’s old school entry. Welcome Back! from UA Religious Studies. […]

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