Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Faculty Scorecard jpgIt’s a new academic year so, yes, we have some new posters going up around Manly Hall — one being the new and improved faculty display case.

Located between the offices of Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Touna, this new poster reveals, for the first time ever, some fun facts that you probably didn’t know about your professors.

Our challenge to you? Match the little-known facts with the correct professor. Get the scorecard (print the JPEG by clicking the image above), then complete it and submit it in the box in REL’s main office for a chance to win a “major prize.” (While we ourselves may not know what this prize is, we promise you won’t want to miss out.)


Submit your entries to the main office by noon on August 31
and, from among the correct submissions,
we’ll draw for a winner.