Have You Met Dr. Ikeuchi?


If you’ve been keeping up with the Department’s blog, then you’ll know that we recently hired Dr. Suma Ikeuchi as a new Assistant Professor.

In keeping with tradition, the REL film crew sat down for an interview with her. Check it out to learn more about Dr. Ikeuchi and her research, and if you see her around Manly Hall be sure to give her a warm welcome!

An Interview with Dr. Ikeuchi from UA Religious Studies.

Backstory: Prof. Suma Ikeuchi

Suma Blog

Backstory” is a series that asks the REL Faculty to tell us a little bit about themselves, to explore how they became interested in the academic study of religion and their own specialty, elaborating on their current work both within and outside the University. Continue reading

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Faculty Scorecard jpgIt’s a new academic year so, yes, we have some new posters going up around Manly Hall — one being the new and improved faculty display case.

Located between the offices of Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Touna, this new poster reveals, for the first time ever, some fun facts that you probably didn’t know about your professors. Continue reading

Can’t Tell a Player Without a Program

relfaculty2015No kidding: I’ve had students in the past talk to me about their classes and who were not only unsure what their prof’s name was but they didn’t even know what s/he looked like.

In such cases, I find it’s a safe opener just to ask:

“Well…, did he have a beard…?”

We’re problem-solvers in REL — so that’s why we have a new showcase, on the second floor of Manly Hall, telling you who the players are, as well as where they did their doctoral degree studies and the areas in which they specialized.

Which must mean that the new school year is right around the corner….