“Welcome Back…”

welcomeback2015snipIt’s become a bit of a tradition here in REL to have a Welcome Back video at the beginning of each new school year. You’ve probably seen past years’ videos recently making the rounds on our social media sites; but now the wait for this year’s video is finally over.

So, as everyone settles in for another year, the REL faculty have just one thing to say:

Welcome Back 2015 from UA Religious Studies.

P.S. You’ll surely notice some new faces…be sure to say “hello” to new faculty members Matt Bagger and Vaia Touna.

1 thought on ““Welcome Back…”

  1. this is awesome. thanks for leading the field in student friendly, funny, smart on line presence. I hope we at OU can learn from you! (I mean… y’all. I’m sill new here…)

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