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REL Spirit Week

Yes indeed, this coming week (Oct. 11-15) is our first REL Spirit Week, with lots going on — and we hope you’ll join us for all of it. Monday: students can tag @StudyReligion on their Instagram stories about what they’re doing (class prep? getting a coffee at the student center? in class? hanging out on the balcony or meeting a prof?) and we’ll re-post them to REL’s Instagram story (this will happen throughout the week). We’ll also have a #loungetweets […]

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Coffee Break and Lounge Tweets Unite!

Our first RSSA Coffee Break last month was a huge hit, and our next one is fast approaching! Be sure to stop by the lounge in Manly 200 on Tuesday, March 1st from 1:30-3:00pm and enjoy a free cup of coffee, on the house! Mix and mingle with your fellow REL students, and maybe even a professor or two. We’re also bringing back Live Tweets from the Lounge for this Coffee Break! Dr. Altman will be live-tweeting the event, so […]

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Start 2016 Off Right With #LoungeTweets

The Spring semester begins this week and we want to start the new semester and the new year off with a bang! So, we’re brining back Live Tweets from the Lounge, that wonderful event where a faculty member sits in our student lounge and sends out tweets to you, our students and friends. This time, Prof. Nathan Loewen will be the one behind the keyboard bringing you hot takes from the lounge at 2pm on Thursday January 14th. Don’t miss it. […]

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#LoungeTweets with Dr. McCutcheon on Wednesday

Our next #LoungeTweets event is coming up, and this time Dr. Russell McCutcheon has answered the call of duty! He’ll be hanging out in the REL lounge on Wednesday, April 22nd from 2:30-3:30 to respond to your questions, give us a play-by-play of lounge activities, and more. Follow him at @McCutcheonSays. Follow @McCutcheonSays // Keep up with the live tweets by searching #LoungeTweets. Tweet #LoungeTweets // […]

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All Work and No Play…

We’re experimenting with a new feature in our Department this year: Live Tweets form the Lounge. For we’re now on Twitter, and it occurred to us that periodically inviting a different faculty member to just hang out in our Department lounge for an hour and tweet about what’s going on, what they’re teaching this semester, or what they’re working on in their own research might be a way to engage students or any other Twitter followers. It’s fun, sure, but it’s […]

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#LoungeTweets With Dr. Finnegan on Monday

Did you check out our #LoungeTweets a couple weeks ago? It was a blast. Now it’s time to do it again. Dr. Eleanor Finnegan will hang out in the lounge from 2:30-3:30 on Monday to answer questions, tweet about what’s happening in the lounge, and let us know what she’s up to lately. Follow her at @finneged. Follow @finneged Follow the conversation at #LoungeTweets. Don’t miss it! Tweet #LoungeTweets […]

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#LoungeTweets: Live Tweets from Faculty in the REL Lounge

  Did you know we have a lounge? And sometimes it has donuts? And we like Twitter? Well, we do. And sometimes we tweet about donuts in the lounge. Survive the storm? Then you need a donut at 8 am at the REL lounge. pic.twitter.com/ohBEWMfqTW — UA Dept. of REL (@StudyReligion) October 14, 2014 We’re debuting a new feature next week: Live Tweets from the Lounge. One of our faculty members will take their work out of the office and into the […]

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