Tips on Working from Home

We realize that working from home for the rest of the semester, whether here in Tuscaloosa or elsewhere in the country, can present a few challenges — even if you don’t have a cat.

To help with that, the Student Government Association tweeted out some helpful advice this morning and it struck us as worth sharing:

Tips on working from home: maintain regular hours, create a routine, take breaks, write notes on paper, and use a dedicated space

And, while we’re at it, maybe you’ll find this recent piece on working from home from the LA Times helpful:

Newspaper headline: Working from home with a roommate or loved on? 5 ways to avoid killing each other

Their advice? Set clear boundaries, share your communal space, protect your personal life, be sound-conscious, and take care of each other.

While you and your roommates don’t have to take dance breaks every two hours, as one person describes in that article, there’s still lots that can take the monotony out of the days at home while helping you also to focus on finishing the semester (not to mention managing the rest of your life away from campus).

But if dancing it is, then might we recommend avoiding “start the fire” and “the Q-tip.”