Coming Attractions: A Change in Format

Screenshot of computer screen during Zoom videoconference, with many participants

As communicated to all of our students over the past week, UA is maintaining limited business operations (LBO) for at least the next two weeks (and it will re-assess during that time concerning whether those conditions continue), with students asked not to return to campus. (A plan will soon be rolled out, from the central administration, concerning when those living in the residence system can return to collect their possessions.) This means that offices will not be staffed in person for the coming weeks and, instead, staff and faculty will be working remotely (in most cases, from home); the Spring semester continues, however, though classes are changing, as are the way faculty and students will interact.

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student you should either have already heard from your professors or soon will, so that you understand clearly the revised plan that they’ve developed for completing your courses.

That plan, devised by each faculty member, may take a number of different forms, from the class meeting together at the same time (that is, synchronously) via Zoom, Skype, Blackboard Collaborate or a Google hangout or perhaps doing the work asynchronously, with students using course books, individually accessing readings and assignments through Blackboard or perhaps even receiving assignments via a file attached document emailed to everyone in the class.

We realize that some of these formats may present some unanticipated challenges to some of our students; so please: contact your professor, once you learn the plan for your course, if it presents you with challenges. We will work with you to address it, since, apart from staying healthy ourselves, helping students to complete the semester is among our highest priorities.

New deadlines for your course material will be specified in the plan, along with the way to complete and submit the material and the value that it will have in eventually calculating your final course grade.

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We hope that all of you, along with your friends and family, are well and taking our current situation seriously, understanding that we must all do our part to help stem the spread of this novel and extremely contagious virus. And watch your email for messages from UA and your professors or TAs.