REL 360 Presents: Room 11 & In Leila’s Room

REL 360–our one credit hour course–is hosting its final movie night of the semester! We’ll be viewing two films–one created by one of our own profs, Dr. Suma Ikeuchi.

The first film, Room 11, Ethiopia Hotel,  focuses on the lives of the children who live in the streets of Gondar, Ethiopia. Described as being “more of a sensitive testimony than a scientific documentary” the film highlights the communication between the filmmaker and two of the children from the streets of Gondar.

In Leila’s Room is an ethnographic film that delves into Dr. Ikeuchi’s research on identity in both Japan & Brazil. The film illustrates how Leila, a Brazilian migrant woman of Japanese descent, and her clients–also of Brazilian-Japanese descent–act out their identities in their day to day lives, having moved back to the land of their ancestors. The film was screened at the 2016 Society for Visual Anthropology Film and Media Festival in Minneapolis, MN.

WHAT? REL 360 is a one-credit course designed to show four films throughout the semester that will provoke discussion about what exactly takes place when the humanities and popular culture collide.

WHEN? Tuesday, April 11th @ 6pm

WHERE? Garland Hall 203

WHY? To see research in action and learn more about other cultures!

WHAT ELSE? Anyone can attend! If you decide you like the class, you can email Professor Bagger ( for more information on the course, or visit the REL website.

Trailer: Room 11, Ethiopia Hotel.

Trailer: In Leila’s Room from Suma.

We hope to see you there!