REL 360 Presents: 12 Monkeys

REL 360–our one-credit-hour course–will be showing the 1995 film 12 Monkeys. In the year 2035, only 1% of humanity’s population remains in the aftermath of a deadly virus. James Cole (played by Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to unearth the origin of the virus and thwart it before it can become the deadliest epidemic of his time. Continue reading

REL 360 Presents: The Gods Must Be Crazy

REL 360–our one credit hour course–will be showing the 1980s comedy The Gods Must Be Crazy. After a glass Coca-Cola bottle is thrown from a passing plane into Kalahari bushmen territory, the supposed gift from the gods soon turns the tribe against one another, (since there is only one glass bottle to go around). Xi, the film’s protagonist, takes it upon himself to travel to the ends of the earth to dispose of the ludicrous gift and finds himself in an assortment of absurd adventures along the way. Continue reading

REL 360 Movie Night: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

REL 360, our one credit hour course, is kicking off the spring semester by showing O Brother, Where Art Thou? The film (which has been compared to Homer’s The Odyssey) is set in the deep South during the Depression-era and follows the antics of three escaped convicts on their quest to avoid the law and return home. Continue reading

REL 360 Movie Night: Killer of Sheep

Killer of Sheep Poster 2

Rel 360–our one credit hour course–is presenting its last movie of the semester, concluding the series on Democracy, Race, and Religion by showing the 1977 film Killer of Sheep. Selected by the National Society of Film Critics as one of the “100 Essential Films” of all time, Killer of Sheep focuses on the life of Stan, a dreamer trapped in the mind-numbing job of working at a slaughterhouse in L.A. The film shows bleak moments of happiness in Stan’s life, such as enjoying the warmth of coffee in the morning or  experiencing the simple joy of holding his daughter. The film offers no solutions for his problems, it only presents life as it is. Continue reading