“And Therefore…?”


Did you see that article making the rounds of social media?

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headline3What I find pretty interesting is that the inference to “they could believe in god” is based on rigorous logic that, from where I sit, seems little different from the famous witch trial seen in “The Holy Grail.”

Know it?

The chimps do mysterious things we don’t understand whatsoever, that happen to look something like what we do when some of us (yes, that’s right, some of us) say we’re “being religious.”

And therefore…?

The main difference, though, is that we laugh at the one as a send-up of medieval logic and the other? Well, we ponder the deep existential implications of our insightful conclusion about pan-species universals.

Come to think of it, I’ve seen ants carrying sand out of their hills — maybe household chores are just as universal, leading me to ponder whether teenage ants also complain about having to take out the garbage?