Where Are They Now?

USSupremeCourtNow there’s a rag-tag group of undergraduate liberal arts majors, if ever I saw one.

Samuel Alito, B.A. in Public & International Affairs (Princeton University 1972)
Stephen Breyer, B.A. in Philosophy (Stanford University, 1959)
Ruth Bader Ginzburg, B.A. in Government (Cornell University, 1954)
Elena Kagan, B.A. in History (Princeton University, 1981)
Anthony Kennedy, B.A. in Political Science (Stanford University, 1958)
John Roberts, A.B. in History (Harvard College, 1976)
Antonin Scalia, B.A. in History (Georgetown University, 1957)
Sonia Sotomayor, B.A. in History (Princeton University, 1976)
Clarence Thomas, A.B. in English (Holy Cross, 1971)

They seem to have made something of themselves, given that they now get to decide on the parameters of our entire society; so maybe you can make something of yourself too, when you major in the Humanities. (This is the first in what will become an ongoing series, coz you never know who started out as a liberal arts major.)