Picture 7Have you heard of FOX News host, Bill O’Reilly’s new book, Killing Jesus: A History? Seen the “60 Minutes” interview?

The comparisons to Reza Aslan and his recent book on Jesus beg to be made.


  • A self-identified Muslim vs. self-identified Christian author, both writing on Jesus.
  • Both getting interesting responses to their claims/work (such as here or here), making the media reception of the books more interesting than the books, perhaps.
  • An author legitimized by four (count ’em) academic degrees vs. another legitimized by, yes, the Holy Ghost itself (along with a co-author, himself noted for being a “running coach and popular speaker“).
  • Both books in the top 2 at — once their authors hit the talk-show circuit.

These similarities and differences inspire anything? Are there others worth considering?