Jason Wright

After graduating from The University of Alabama with the wisdom imparted to me by the religious studies program, I decided that I would take my knowledge and share it with people all over the country. Right now I am living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming which is one of the most beautiful places in the country. I sell out-of-print or limited edition DVDs online through a company that I am about to make official and work at UPS as a loader part-time.

I plan on staying here through the winter and then picking up and moving somewhere else. Besides that, the only other plan I have is to one day publish a book of poetry somewhat similar to Saul Williams’s books at least that is one of my few career-oriented dreams.

In January 2006, Jason updated us as follows:

You guys really seem to be doing an excellent job of reinventing yourselves and from what I can see, it is a very appealing reinvention. I hope that you draw many students to the program, because what I have found from my experience with the religious studies program is that it offers something that transcends the typical classroom. From my personal experience, you have a variety of classes that offer you the opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways of thinking or doing things that then give you the chance to examine your own views and either those views become reinforced or you alter them accordingly. But what I have most found beneficial about the religious studies program are those classes that take it a step further than learning about other cultures and really address the often overlooked framework that plays such a huge factor in binding a group together.

Update: Jason let us know that he was married to Michele Trawick in April 2005. Jason traded the mountains for the beach by moving back east to Florida and he now works as an office manager in Port St. Joseph and is taking courses in psychology, toward his Florida State University Masters degree in Psychology.

Jason Wright standing in front of a mountain

Graduation: December 2002
Degree: Religious Studies
Current Location: Port St. Joseph, FL