Justin Nelson

Justin kindly answered the following questions for us before he graduated in the Spring of 2007.

Where did you go to high school?
I attended West Blocton High School.

How did you find out about the academic study of religion?
I was being advised and I needed a class to fill up space on my schedule and the advisor says, “So, what are you interested in?” I say, “I like movies and reading about philosophy and religion.” Then she replies, “Well have you heard about our religion in popular film class?” So I took the class and loved it.

What is your minor?
My minor is general business only because I had taken so many business classes it would have been a waste of time. It might be important to know a thing or two about the monetary system. Nothing is for free baby. Business is okay it just does not blow my skirt up like religion classes do.

Why did you decide to major in the Academic Study of Religion?
At one point in my life I thought I wanted to be a lord of industry but I could not keep my mind on class. One semester I found myself reading Nietzsche’s Antichrist and translator Thomas Cleary’s The Five Houses of Zen, instead of studying for statistics. I went back to my advisor and screamed, “I hate business with a passion! It is for others but not for me.” I was now back at square one and she asks me, “Of all the classes you have taken which ones did you like best?” My answer was, “I really liked that religion class I took, and I mean I made an A and everything.” And she said, “Well then go talk to the Religion department.” That is when I picked up my backpack and trucked it on over to good ole Manly Hall and had a talk with Dr. Trost. My only question was, “So you mean I get to study religion with out having to buy into any specific religion?” He said, “Yes.” and I said, “Hallelujah praise Nietzsche.”

What are your future plans?
I would love to go to grad school and continue studying religious theory. If not, who knows what the “future” holds for the old “rolling stone.” Maybe I’ll join the merchant marines and write a book about dinner etiquette. Who can tell, but wherever I lay my hat is my home.

Justin Nelson

Graduation: Spring 2007
Degree: Religious Studies