The Department’s Undergraduate Advisor is Prof. Richard Newton, who schedules advising sessions with all first majors prior to each registration period in the fall and spring semesters. (Second majors and all minors are recommended to make appointments as well.) He also sends out a letter during this time to ensure students are aware of new course developments within the department. Please consult the Advising page for detailed information about advising in this department.

Course of Study

REL majors and minors follow a flexible course of study that draws upon the specialties of the faculty and allows for cross-disciplinary work across campus.

REL Honors

As of fall 2016, an Honors option in REL has been implemented.

Curriculum and Required Courses

For details on our degree programs, consult the Religious Studies section of the University’s undergraduate catalog.

Find here a list of all REL courses.

The University also requires all students — regardless of their major — to take a broad variety of courses as part of their degree. For more information on Core Curriculum/General Studies requirements, visit the Core Curriculum section of the University’s undergraduate catalog.

The Department aims for the above degree resources to be current and accurate, but because of periodic changes in these requirements, we recommend that students not rely exclusively on such resources but also speak with their advisors regarding degree requirements.