Career Paths

student in a recording studio

Our MA program prepares students for continued academic work at top-flight PhD programs. Rigorous coursework, original research, and close mentorship by our faculty mean our graduates are competitive applicants, gaining experience in publishing, digital tools, teaching, & grant writing throughout the program.

But not everyone seeking a master’s degree wants to pursue a PhD. Graduates will, therefore, also be prepared to seek job opportunities in both the business and non-profit sectors, as many careers now require the sorts of skills in critical analysis and innovative communication that our program emphasizes.

Graduates will therefore present to prospective employers outside academia a valuable set of skills — skills all the more remarkable if we add to this their ability to assist others by means of the practical digital skills they honed not just in the Foundations course but all across the program.

In keeping with the degree’s public humanities component, specific kinds of employment beyond our discipline might therefore include non-profit fundraising, web development, marketing research, writing, and editing, among others. This list is only a sampling, of course, since the practical, communication skills that this program emphasizes, alongside social theory, are applicable to many other careers.

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