REL 504.001

Debates in Method & Theory

T | 1:30-3:20

MA 210

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This recommended section of our graduate special topics course will include reading several recent multi-authored works (including a variety of handbooks in the field), emphasizing a new generation of scholars making contributions to the analysis of the tools scholars of religion use in their work.

Russell T. McCutcheon


Visit the publisher’s website.

Stoddard, Brad
Method Today: Redescribing Approaches to the Study of Religion

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Smith, Leslie Dorrough
Constructing "Data" in Religious Studies Examining the Architecture of the Academy

The general, field-wide handbooks or companions on the study of religion that will be considered in the course are:

The first book, above, is required and available at the SUPe store; a second book's pre-publication PDF proof will also be distributed to students and, once the class has begun. Each student will also be assigned one of the above handbooks in the study of religion (the basis for presentations and a final essay).