Michael J. Altman

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REL 502.001 Public Humanities & Religious Studies: Foundations

This course is a foundations course required of all first-year students in the Master’s in Religion in Culture degree program in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama. Working closely with the Alabama Digital Humanities Center (ADHC), students are introduced to a number of digital tools for research and the presentation of their research to a larger public. The course also explores what a public religious studies might look like.

In order to experiment with the various digital tools in the course, we will turn our attention to one object of study through the semester: The American Academy of Religion. All of our four major projects will work to illuminate something about the major academic organization in our field. More information about the class is available on the REL 502 Course website.

M, W | 12:30-1:45

MA 210

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Moretti, Franco
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Graphs, Maps, Trees cover

Wiebe, Donald
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The Politics of Religious Studies cover

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Optional text (available as free e-book)

Goodwin, Jonathan & John Holbo
Reading Graphs, Maps, Trees: Critical Responses to Franco Moretti
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Optional text (available as free e-book)

Schreibman, Susan, et al.
A New Companion to Digital Humanities
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Optional text (available as free e-book)

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