REL 501.001

Social Theory & Religious Studies: Foundations

W | 3:30-5:50

MA 210

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This course, required of all incoming MA students, offers an overview of contemporary social theory, produced from across disciplines, on which scholars can draw in their studies of the rhetorics and effects of religion. Useful throughout the degree program, this course will familiarize students with theoretical approaches that they will integrate into their final thesis projects.

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Steven Ramey

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Giving an Account of Oneself cover

Butler, Judith
Giving an Account of Oneself
Fordham University Press, 2005

The Archaeology of Knowledge cover

Foucault, Michel
The Archaeology of Knowledge
Vintage, 1982

Racism Without Racists

Bonilla, Eduardo
Racism Without Racists
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2009

On Television cover

Bordieu, Pierra
On Television
New Press, 1999

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