REL 490.001

Capstone Senior Seminar

R | 3:30-5:50

MA 210

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This semester REL’s Capstone Senior Seminar uses the work of one of our field’s most noted modern scholars, the University of Chicago’s Jonathan Z. Smith (1938-2017), to examine such field-wide issues as definition, description, comparison, and explanation—as a way to reflect on the tools that we, as scholars use, when going about our work, along with their possible implications.

Required of REL majors and usually taken in your last Spring semester.

Note: REL sets aside seats for majors so please contact the main office to obtain a permit to register.

Russell T. McCutcheon


Relating Religion cover

Jonathan Z. Smith
Relating Religion: Essays in the Study of Religion
University of Chicago Press, 2004

On Teaching Religion

Christpher Lehrich (ed.)
On Teaching Religion: Essays by Jonathan Z. Smith
Oxford University Press, 2013

photo of JZ Smith

Willi Braun and Russell T. McCutcheon (eds.)
Reading Jonathan Z. Smith: Interviews and Essays, 1999-2013
Oxford University Press, 2018
(a pre-publication ms. will be distributed in class)

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