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REL 490.001 Capstone Senior Seminar (Required for all Majors)

Please note the room change to tenHoor 252.

Focuses on “What comes next?” in three related ways: what comes next from reflecting on theory in the study of religion?; what comes next in the application of such theory?; what comes next in conveying our research to others? Students select the topic that they will study, analyze, and present.

Contact the REL main office for a permit to enroll.

W | 3:30-5:50

TH 252

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Laskar, Devi
Atlas of Reds and Blues
Counterpoint 2019

Book cover of The Atlas of Reds and Blues

Hall, Louisa
Trinity: A Novel
Ecco, 2018

Books are available at the SUPe Store and online through vendors such as

Online Readings

Blackboard Other texts will be available through the Blackboard course site.