REL 371.001

Adv Studies in Religion & Conflict – Social Bodies: Doctrines, Virtues, and Faith

M | 12:30-2:50

PRH 210

“A well-run [military] camp is a school of virtue”—so claimed the Souldiers Catehisme (1644), written in support of Cromwell’s ‘New Model Army’ which played a distinctive role in the emergence of ‘modern’ ways of doing politics & fighting wars, suggesting overlaps between the education of citizens and religious initiates. This seminar explores these overlaps, with an eye to contemporary politics: a moment in which the relations between temporal communities and spiritual ones appear once again to be in flux.

Daniel Levine

  • Office hours: 

    Wednesday 1-2:30 PM and Friday 3-4 PM in 311 ten Hoor; or by appointment

  • (205) 348-5271
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