REL 231.001

Religious Existentialism

T, R | 11:00-12:15

PRH 207

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Challenges common understandings of “meaning” and “self” by surveying classics in this European intellectual movement and then turning to ancient and modern South & East Asian texts to complicate and problematize a variety of traditional existential problems and concepts.

In this course, we will:

  • Create a safe space for learning and sharing ideas.
  • Familiarize ourselves with the existentialist approach to philosophy.
  • Closely read the texts in the existentialist genre of philosophy.
  • Formulate the key questions that may be used for existentialist inquiries.
  • Closely read contemporary texts from an existentialist perspective.
  • Apply existentialist questions to current issues in the study of religion.

Nathan R. B. Loewen

  • Office hours: 

    Please contact me by email or telephone to arrange an appointment.

  • (205) 348-5271
All course content will be provided through the Hypothesis app on Blackboard.

Online Readings

Blackboard Other texts will be available through the Blackboard course site.