REL 112.001

Introduction to the New Testament

M, W | 2:00-3:15

LY 132

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This course is an introduction to the Hellenistic world as the matrix in which Christianity appeared.  The course examines the traditions about Jesus that were variously framed and organized in the Gospels and the Book of Acts, the writings of Paul among other letter writers, and the Book of Revelation.  The stories, letters, and sermons that constitute this collection will be examined in light of their literary, historical, and cultural contexts.  Particular emphasis will be placed on narratives and especially the literary qualities of the texts (for example: the uses of symbol, metaphor, repetition; typology and myth; dialogue, narrative technique, and type-scenes), though other approaches to the study of these texts will be considered throughout the semester.

Theodore Louis Trost

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Emma Welch, GTA

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