REL 105.002

Honors Introduction to Religious Studies

T, R | 2:00-3:15

GP 231

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As an Honors introduction to the academic study of religion, this section of REL 105 uses the academic study of religion as a way into considering the practical effects of any classification system (such as sacred/profane). To do so we will first survey some classic issues in the study of religion—e.g., essentialist, functionalist, and family resemblance approaches to definition, as well as familiarize students with various theories and theorists of religion, applying what we learn to wider issues outside the study of religion, where our tools may help us to understand the possible dynamics that are at work in broader social life. This course also provides a Core Curriculum Humanities credit.

Honors and Honors eligible students: 3.3 GPA required. HU

Russell T. McCutcheon

Cover of course textbook


McCutcheon, Russell
Studying Religion: An INtroduction (2nd ed.)
Routledge, 2019

Hughes, Aaron and Russell McCutcheon
Religion in 5 Minutes
Equinox, 2017

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