REL 100.001

Introduction to Religious Studies

T, R | 2:00-3:15 pm

MA 308

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As a general introduction to the academic study of religion, REL 100 focuses in detail on the problem of defining religion, and identifies the theories of religion’s function or purpose implicit in each, and the practical implications (that is, social, economic, political) of defining it in this or that way. Examples where this is applied will be mainly, though not exclusively, chosen from ancient Greece.

As a Core Curriculum Humanities course, REL 100’s goal is for all students to learn to define, accurately describe, and compare in a non-evaluative manner so as to find significant similarities and differences among forms of observable human behavior. HU INB

Vaia Touna


a blue book cover with a large magnifying glass

McCutcheon, Russell
Studying Religion: An Introduction
Routledge, 2008

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