Tweet Us Your #UALife Pictures

Class has started. The bookstore is a zoo. Students and faculty are wandering halls with bemused looks in search of their classrooms. We want to see pictures of all of this. What is the start of school like for you? Tweet us your pictures at @StudyReligion and use #UALife. Give us a glimpse into your first days of class. Who knows, we may retweet the good ones. And while you’re at it, follow us!


The Faculty Retweet


From last year’s faculty retreat. What excellent ideas can we expect from this year’s meeting?

The semester is almost upon us and, for us faculty, that can mean only one thing: the annual Faculty Retreat. On Monday, all of the department’s faculty will hunker down in the University Club, drink coffee, eat the buffet, and think hard about the future. It’s a time of planning, dreaming, and strategery. It’s a time when we sit down as a department and figure out what we want to accomplish this year.

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