Should Sunday Schools Be Registered with the Government?

schoolclassThe head of the British government’s Ofsted — the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills — Sir Michael Wilshaw, was on the radio the other day, discussing a variety of things that scholars of religion might find interesting. Continue reading

Wafer Thin Mint Veneer

Picture 9As I mentioned briefly yesterday in a post, I was recently a respondent on a panel at our field’s main annual conference; the panel was devoted to whether there could be a consolidation of different trends in inter-religious/interfaith dialogue. Now, this is not what I work on and, as I made plain in my response, my own work would take those who aim toward identifying so-called mutual understanding across religions as being themselves an object of study, inasmuch as it represents but one position along a complex continuum — after all, not every so-called religious person wants to talk to others; for some want to convert them while others may either ignore those who strike them as different or, yes, do something rather worse.

So I see no reason to champion but one of these many positions when I could, instead, study each of them as differing responses to, well…, difference. Continue reading

Largely Invisible No More

Picture 10The Australian scholar, Marion Maddox, has written an interesting review essay for The International Political Science Review (get a free PDF of the article from the publisher here) documenting the lack of cross-disciplinary pollination when it comes to research on religion. Continue reading