“If I tell you I believe Elvis is still alive…”

Picture 3Do you know about the sometimes outspoken Sam Harris, the American neuroscientist much associated with the so-called “new atheist” movement?

Well, he’s got a new book out, published last Fall. Continue reading



By Chris Beacham
Chris Beacham is a junior undergraduate majoring in Psychology and minoring in Religious Studies. He is from New Orleans, and enjoys filmmaking and reading eastern philosophy.

The television show “Cosmos” premiered on Fox channels Sunday night, hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. It was a sequel to the 1980’s miniseries “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage” hosted by Carl Sagan. I watched both shows that day and found some interesting information contained within, but also some interesting representations. The show depicts itself as a stream of facts and knowledge about the universe, and much of the content in these shows is true by scientific standards. However, I was surprised at how each show takes this information and puts it together to create a particular narrative. Continue reading