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Undead Zombie Tweets: Everything You Missed From Dr. Kelly Baker’s 2014 Day Lecture in Tweets and GIFs

Follow @StudyReligion // Last night REL hosted the second annual Zachary Daniel Day Memorial Lecture. Dr. Kelly J. Baker delivered an excellent presentation entitled, “”‘They’re coming to get you, Barbara!’: Zombie Apocalypses in American Religions.” If you missed the lecture or if you just want to revisit the details of the talk check out these tweets courtesy of our Twitter team. […]

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Identifying for the Jokes

By Jared Powell Jared Powell is a junior from Canton, Mississippi majoring in English and Religious Studies. He enjoys watching Seinfeld, his favorite TV show, and is always disappointed when somebody does not understand a reference to the famed sitcom. He one day hopes to become an architect, or maybe an importer-exporter of latex products. What are the various identities, religious or nonreligious, that an individual can assume? Why do individuals choose to identify with certain categories? How do individuals exhibit or prove […]

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REL, the Buzzfeed version

The Vimeo page has been pretty active so far this summer, and the REL movie crew has produced yet another hit! We took a cue from Buzzfeed for our newest video, “5 Things You Always Wanted to Know About REL Majors.” Watch to hear how our majors answer such questions as, “Why did you major in REL?”, “What do you like about the department?”, as well as a few fun ones too. 5 Things to Know About REL Majors from […]

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Ain’t Nothin’ Local About the Study of Religion

Do you ever wonder where our majors come from? Well, then, do we have a show for you! The department’s latest video shows that our students come to Alabama from all corners of the country, studying religion in culture from sea to shining sea. Stay tuned for more videos of our majors talking about their experiences in the department… Ain’t Nothin’ Local About the Study of Religion from UA Religious Studies. […]

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Studying Religion and…

The third installment of our “Studying Religion and…” video series is ready to roll! This album showcases the range of interests of our students and professors. The newest video, “Wonderin’ Where Our Majors Are…,” features many of our current double majors, and even a few triple majors. While you’re watching this one, take a look back at the others in the album and you’ll see that we live by our motto of studying religion in culture… all across culture. Wonderin’ […]

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Extra Extra, Read All About It

Whereas an earlier generation of scholars of religion — say, those in the 1960s — argued that the relevance of our field was to be found in its uniqueness and autonomy from all other disciplines, we here at the University of Alabama think that our field’s contribution is in its ability to contribute to our understanding of culture-wide processes and effects. […]

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In the Currents of Change

Savannah Finver is a sophomore at St. Thomas Aquinas College, double majoring in Religious Studies and English. She is an avid reader and writer. She is interested in the impact of religion on American politics and social order. This piece was originally published in STAC’s student newspaper, Thoma, and when it came to our attention we thought it would make an ideal guest post on the REL blog. When I first came to STAC, I declared a Childhood/Special Education major […]

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