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But First a Word From Our Students….

Keeley McMurray is a junior double majoring in English and Religious Studies. When she isn’t writing papers or contemplating the meaning of life, Keeley loves to travel, listen to Jeff Buckley and make art. We’re asking some current REL students to finish some sentences for us…. The first REL course I took at UA was: Honor’s Intro to Religious Studies with Dr. Rollens. One of the most curious things I’ve learned so far in one of my REL courses is: […]

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REL Graduates Head Off to Do Great Things

We have great students here in REL. When they graduate they go off to do great things. (You can hear about some of the things our graduates do at our Grad Tales events.) We are proud of all of the REL majors that are graduating. Four of this year’s REL graduates are going off to pursue further academic work in graduate school: […]

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REL, the Buzzfeed version

The Vimeo page has been pretty active so far this summer, and the REL movie crew has produced yet another hit! We took a cue from Buzzfeed for our newest video, “5 Things You Always Wanted to Know About REL Majors.” Watch to hear how our majors answer such questions as, “Why did you major in REL?”, “What do you like about the department?”, as well as a few fun ones too. 5 Things to Know About REL Majors from […]

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