Religious Terror


Dana Grant is a senior pursuing a Liberal Arts degree through New College. She is interested in the development of the self and the acquisition of knowledge, and how they affect people’s daily lives as well as the world as a whole. This post was originally written for Dr. Ramey’s course, REL 321: Religion and Identity in South Asia.

For quite some time now there has been increasing tension in Myanmar between groups that identify as Buddhist and Muslim. According to New York Times’ “Myanmar Policy’s Message to Muslims: Get Out” by Jane Perlez, Myanmar’s new policy, the Rakhine Action Plan, is causing thousands of people who identify as Rohingyas – a persecuted Muslim minority group – to flee the country with the ultimate goal of reaching Malaysia. The policy is forcing the Rohingyas to prove their families have lived in Malaysia for over 60 years (most do not have this type of documentation) to qualify for a second class citizenship or be placed in holding camps awaiting deportation. This policy is only one of Myanmar’s government many steps in marginalizing and segregating the Rohingyas.

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